July I’m on a trip In Croatia…. So am letting you all know that…

Will post some photos from our vacation trip when we get home …..1-4 weeks it’s going to be in the sweet sun and the sea :) relaxing……
Going to meet my wives family too for the first time in real life :)….a bit nervous but I think it will be fine as they are very nice people :)…….I wish you all a very nice summer vacation and peace to all your hearts…

Luve from Sweden :)


In This Moment….

“In This Moment”

Think not of the understanding the passion within
as non but the lie captured
while the beauty the comfort
the truth this reality
where life in contrast to death
a silver tread spawn through time a journey confide
blessed by the fire
in the heart
no land and no border
quite to rule its passing
by shadows unfolded the magick
bleed by love
as none as true as the touch
giveth unto me….

The Poet Stefan © 2014