Poem “In Dark Shadows”

In Dark Shadows
From the depth of the soul a scream
hidden from the eyes of the living
as the boundry to the line
given by the blood
as to none in the knowledge kept sane
unto death and passing
to where their screams to be saved
in eternal darkness
as their God look with blindness
to their hunger for this life
where in the end no mind kept whole
in the passing of holy light……….
Stefan 2009*

2 thoughts on “Poem “In Dark Shadows”

  1. I remember reading this poem before but as to why there is no comment added I have no idea, however I am here again and I do like this great piece of poetry my great friend… I look forward to reading newer entries of which I have missed…


    • Thank you my friend, I think that some comments was wiped out when I transfered here from livespace plus some older posts too I think.
      As you might notice in my newer poetry there are less darkness -mm- I’ll guess love make one sleep on clouds -smiles-
      yet I know that the dark side always will play its tricks from time to time in creation of poetry but not as much as in the past though I’m sure as I was kind of more in a dark void back then.

      Best wishes to you my friend.

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