Poem “Against The Machine”

Against The Machine
Rule of existence dark magnetic machine
counted and planed to always have the short straw
to be kept within the system
to the power and lies of time
Get free from your chains and escape the program
the propaganda the feeding to your mind
to where your locked like within an cage
making you to forget how to survive on your own
Tranquiled lies given in media of technological peace
as behind the texture yet another lock on your prison
use your mind and think about it
would you survive outside the society……..
Stefan 2009*

4 thoughts on “Poem “Against The Machine”

  1. Vampiro..To Survive Without Technology Is Indeed The Great MysteryCan One Be Tempted Away From All That Man Has Become?Perplexing Thoughts & Inventive Realism Form Opinions.. ButOf What Creative Depths Can One Begin To Fathom.. A TimeWithout Technology.. That Has Often Brought A Sadness IntoBeing.. Or Is The Challenge Of Life To Be At One With InnerPeace.. No Forms Of Technological Advancement.. No GivenApplications, Machinery Or Industrial Sciences To Indulge InBut Just To Fall Back Into A Time Where Existences ThreatenedThat Comfort Zone.. That Is Now The 21st Century..A Fine Script Stefan & One To Generate Thought..A N D R O G O T H

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