Computer Been Stupid……& Not Enough Sleep…….

So I had to do an full system REstore yesterday…..actually begun having trubble the night before….so have not slept at all and so
I just have to sleep this day away,,,,,I will try to get on on Sunday and then I’ll reply everything but now I’m to sleepy to think straight
So have a good Saturday every one……….
Stay Safe*

8 thoughts on “Computer Been Stupid……& Not Enough Sleep…….

  1. Stefan My Great Friend..If you’re wanting to learn a lot more about your Vista and of course the very many tweaks and updates then I suggest this website (Don’t worry it is a safe one without Gremlins, Viruses & Trojans).. It is called and has many interesting snippets of information. There’s even a part where you can download their magazine which has some very useful tips and of course I am sure that you will just adore this website. Anyway give it a try and see for yourself. I am very pleased that you have your Pc running to top specs again and do keep up with your Anti Virus Suites too. Be very well my great friend and have a very nice rest of week. Be well Vampiro..A N D R O G O T H

  2. One more thing I just learned how to dual boot vista with XP as I wanted to have my original copy of XP back to run some older programs and games that do not work to great on My Vista……I used FreeBSD to do this plus the disc manager in Vista :)and then I did tweak XP to allow theems and now my XP look like W7 as I do like the look of Windows 7 I did tweak my Vistatoo to get it also looking like Win 7 -smiles- anyhow what I wanted to say is that XP still are the smoothest OS of the Windowsversions and man it is fast too now with my uppgraded componets in my PC……so now My TV card can run on the originalXP drive that I got with the TV card so now the picture much better…….but I will use Vista for surffing though and new gamesand programs …XP are just an alternative for me to run older programs and games……..but I will keep the system up to datethough by going online with XP like once a week…….also to update my AVAST virus program…….Just happy as the last time I tried dual boot it all went to hell so am so pleased I got it to work this time….Why must microsoft make it so hard on people that one have to search for programs on the internet to change the boot andthe look of Windows?? well maybe it are for some security issue…..I do not know….but thanksfor all the great peopleout there that make this little tweak programs to make it more easy for us users…non?Anyhow just wanted to tell about it my friend’:)Peace be with you…..

  3. By the way yesterday I wanted to test Win7 a bit more to compare it to Vista and I was suprised to find that Vista are morestable than Win7 and suport all my hardware better than Win7……But OK my original bought version of Vista are Home Premium and the Version of Win7 that I got a chance of testing was Ultimate and as known it is a bit bloated with unessesary stuff……Anyhow I somehow did feel a faster flow of things on my Vistathan on Win7………The only thing I really liked in Win7 was that it remembers folders better like for instant if you openthe web browser and save something it will remember last saved state and that are missing in Vista as it keep jumping backto some pree set folder and this I never liked…….and the look of the System bar is more nice In Win 7 but this can be fixedon Vista by tweaking………and even get a better looking bar on Vista…….I think like this that people that are on XP still should enjoy this upgrade to Win 7 but people who use Vista can as well stay withVista as in my opinion Vista over all are better than Win 7……….I am sure many people would say differently……..But aftertesting this comparing as I did Vista just worked better oh and I am not using 64 bit systems only 32 bit so I have only comparedthe two on 32 bit versions…………Oh well ~smiles~ I just had to do the test to find out myself what will work better for me myvista or to get Win 7 and after my test I’ll stay with my Vista as to me it just are working better for me…..So I will not get Win7.Peace*and sorry for talking so much -lol-

  4. Thank you my very special friend……and may your week be blissful and to your wishes desire……..Be very well Andro.

  5. Stefan..You were right about a long reply and I can see why with all the hassle you have had my great friend. I agree with you, Microsoft should indeed add free updates and return the package back towards a more favourable build, a build that is a proven success as Vista does seem to have many faults. On the other note I am very pleased that your Computer is now running as it should apart from that annoying TV feature that must be a real pain in the.. Well you know? lol Right before I wute an epic reply I shall wish you a very good week ahead without any forms o PC trouble or any other kind of Gremlins either come to that.. Be well my great friend Vampiro..A N D R O G O T H

  6. Andro…I first did mess around with dual booting and so it ended up with me having to do an entire system restore….and then when I was finished with that the damn Procesor got crazy an went up running fast and being very noice unpleasant andI had forgot about my Bios Password so it took hours going through some papers to find that and then when I found thatI changed a few things in the bios….I turned on Boot Antivirus check as to be sure I had not got an boot virus and then I set someother options to on and when I restarted it all was fixed………..Everything took like two and a half day without sleep….the firstday I did not even eat……….So it was pure hell………….You see I have one of those bought computers that come with the Oprationsystem built in to where one have to back it up unto like 4 DVD’s to get factory restore…….good to have if things go bad….But I do not like it that they do not sell it Clean so one can set it up as one wish from the start instead of their choice ofprograms that come in the install…….that one has to delete afterwards anyhow after an system factory restore…….Anyhow to bad I got my computer before Windows 7 came out…… Vista has it’s faults…….In all honesty microsoft shouldgive free upgrades to everyone who have bought Vista as Microsoft themself admited Vista not to be that good in an interviewwith Microsoft that I got in an news letter……….Or else they could make the next service pack for vista into turning vista more intoWindows 7…….well that is in my opinion at least……..and I’ll bet people would apreachate that…..if it is possible to turn Vista morelike 7 in the server pack aw course or else they could make an extra download with install so people could choice by themselfto turn Vista more into 7 or keep Vista as it are……….Oh wow did I not get into an entirely new subject there ~smiles~Anyhow my friend I’m glad I did get my PC fixed but it was a hell before I got it fixed……..THe only problem left are thatwhen I open my TV program into full size it become minimized again instead of keeping itself as the full size each time I start it…but heck I can live with it…….but a bit irretating none the less.Stay well my friend’

  7. Stefan..That is Most Annoying My Great Friend What Was YourProblem That You Thought It Necessary To Enable TheSystem Restore? I Hope Whatever It Was Has Now BeenEradicated.. Be Well My Sleepy Friend..ANDROGOTH

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