Poem “Decline”

Keep your cross your human made paradise or human made hell
for none of it in my taste as I decline the invite
my feets here on earth where I’ll stay by any means to the time I can
as the mind is precious unto everything learned and your peace aint an good offer
either your fire to where your mind still lost with death
Creation made out of boredom and humans a mass machine
I’ll burn your bibel either it be the one by your name or that of the devil
I decline your life and your death to make my own paradise earthly devine
sweet red wine and highly unholy to where no price high enough
to where I’ll be my own God and Devil to my minds creation
bleed and I’ll shall drink forever……..The moonlight my sun……………..
Stefan 2009*

2 thoughts on “Poem “Decline”

  1. Time is of both sides good and bad but never one sidedso I’ll walk it through and hopefully you my good friend be an similar face through timeas you are indeed someone I would miss when death part the souls,,,,so stay around my friend and let time keep us both,,,,,,

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