Poem “Endless Lovers”

Endless Lovers
Something of old images
dreams or perhaps memories
to where you are close in my arms
slowly moving in an slow dance
reflections of an previous lifetime perhaps
and no matter what so beautiful
Two lovers in the reflection of moonlight
to where the world whole and so full of life
to where an haunting would last forever in death
as love true as this an serenade of time endless
to where in a thought this reflection on you
the one of Immortal time searched through the deep sea of souls
In this the image held and captured not to give in
where time felt like an gapping hole
to where in the heart known now found
that blood run strong within you
where in no blame rule the darkness
to where my words the same
I Love You……………
Stefan 2009*

4 thoughts on “Poem “Endless Lovers”

  1. To where the door always openfor our future and timewhere this heart never would be far awayfrom where your heart held………..

  2. The silence, lightly winds and rosesthe taste of desires in the sand of an endless oceanPictures in the heart painted by dear voiceMaking this love grow stronger each day passing byNothing will ever harm it…

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