Poem “Through The Doorway”

Through The Doorway
In wishes of your wishing thoughts
strong the touch to your dreams
to where those eyes meet
the tranquility in the voice
that bare this love in my hope
to our time and it’s creation
That doorway the garden to our life
may it hold the truth beyond the words
for to none other this life laid
this embrace the salvation
to the breath unto this future
the life longed so close to my heart now…………
Stefan 2009*

10 thoughts on “Poem “Through The Doorway”

  1. Dreams made real is indeed beautifuland to lose the dreams indeed are like death,,,,So I shall keep dreaming….merci my dear friend’

  2. Yes my love and my heart is yours till the end of times……for none the wish as the wish of you and our time….as one….~kiss~

  3. It has been long, too long, I’ve almost saw no endBut now there is a light shining through this black holeAlmost a year has passedBurning with fire in the heartAnd boiling with the strange blood in veinsfinding no peace no calmUntil the words have been spoken…Now the seal is put forever on this letter of Love…

  4. And how lovely that sound my lovethis journey have been long for us boththat it must hold the glory to the endwhere our hearts meet as one forever…….to the touch of the love fromour dreams………

  5. This hope is a food needed to surviveand break down every scarry thoughtThe connection so strong and wantedIt should put the shaddow over the inexplicable fearsMaking them gone forever…

  6. To where this words an reflection upon your poemand my heart deep binded to youI wish there was no fear but your fears always my ownbut with hope strong unto our dream…………….

  7. A thousands of thoughts through the nights with no sleepshivering soul in fear what time may bringthis longing too heavy too hard scared that the heart won’t be able to hold out…

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