Poem “The Undead”

The Undead
Deep in the view of the world in the shadows
to where in imagination bleach to the compared reality
savage and wild the demonic devil need it’s prey
from the depth calling for some sweet unholy wine
sweet energic moonlight the dance within the flesh
but to whom the serpent or the savior
Crystal rain cold and damp the smell of old
to the mind it’s journey back
to the depth where images come through
long lost tear like an red diamond slowly down the cheek
and in the distance another day to the rest of the undead……….
Stefan 2009*

2 thoughts on “Poem “The Undead”

  1. In to that we at times wander in decadence of what once knownto where the freshness of this age learned through the sweet unholy wineor toward familiar souls unto where we find all our beginning to the solitudeof someone to great in where the need of familiar faces or the rose to turnus to life when the dark embrace us in the symphony of the night….My windows stay covered’ and so my hope yours my dear friend’you’ll need to be kept as I so enjoy your company dear friend’merci’

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