Poem “All In The Faceless Mirror”

All In The Faceless Mirror
Through time the shallow reflection
cold missunderstanding and heartless pain
that journey of hatred and numbness
an black cover for the blood and bones
destructive breaking of the last human part within
and for a fear the feed of evil created in it’s mist
To an savior who never cared to the fall of the lost souls
painted over with the shine of lies
to where I broke the binding to where I saw the meaning
empty and hollow a sea of meanless time and yet time
the only reason to the moments created
and all this to the reflection of to many broken mirrors
where hands cold praying with blind eyes…………….
Stefan 2009*

4 thoughts on “Poem “All In The Faceless Mirror”

  1. I’ve felt this darkness so strongIn the night full of strange shadowsScreaming out the deadly words into the mindFrightening the soul over and over again….

  2. You know me well my good friend that I could never refuse good inspireration when it written close to home…….Have a beautiful night Andro Goth meistro my dear friend…..

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