Poem ~In The Age Of Old To This Time~

In The Age Of Old To This Time
Some part of that time sweeter then holy wine
to where in reflection your soul
to an age familiar from the dreams kept
to where now I feel you
Maybe I’ll always been an romantic being
but I feel so much love in my heart
something of an old feeling
that was lost so long ago
All I wish is time to never end this love
now when found
to where I’ll wish this dream
real forever……..
Stefan 2009*

4 thoughts on “Poem ~In The Age Of Old To This Time~

  1. To where all lost souls hold the fear of closness the lostthe wall leaned on of our cold frozen timeas protection of the mind and sanityto where the steep into emotional the human partscary on the long widing road through out eternitywhere that wispear come strong -never alone-For to love a strong essence if kept the survivalto where beauty be held to the dormant capturewe wish to escape and paint beautifulin wishes laid of agesThank you Andro my friend for your beautiful words……

  2. You’re the heart of my heartyou’ll never have to fear meand the love of the petals of this rose yoursand kept as this treasure foreverunfolded you have this old dreamsand made them realAnd I want you to know that through all those yearswhen my heart was week in to where I had begun to believeto never find this love in my dreams I was the fallen angelthat came to life as a new light sprung out from the poetryAnd in that my love I saw all this images reflectedeverything of the puzzle became completeand to this point when I knowthat you are the one from my dreams…..

  3. You couldn’t be saved from my dreampulled into this whirlOf my Imagination a long time agoAnd now you are hereA part of the journeyAs an expected strangerMy heart as an open bookLies in your handNo other was ever able to read itYou are the one that I would fearAnd love at the same timeEntering the door of the heartStaying inside forever…

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