Poem “The Hidden Truth Of Life & Death”

The Hidden Truth Of Life  & Death
How many questions to the unanswered sky
to an point where a answer hold nothing but emptyness
to creation unfolded from the mind and nothing more
like dry sand running out in the hourglass
to where shown the wasteland narrow and cold
to where one hide behind a wall of fiction
with beautiful colors from all the grey reality
of that ride through heaven and hell
and the meaning of life and death
meaningless and self preserving
in the face of death and the lies
and missconseption of your soul
on borrowed time and mindless end
to live and to die again and again
never to be complete or at peace………
Stefan 2009*

12 thoughts on “Poem “The Hidden Truth Of Life & Death”

  1. The world was dead but now brought to lifeand you have no master over youyour a free being with the right of your own choicesno need for the acceptance from some beastyour wings your own and not binded to what you do not wantthe price are set by you and the amount to what you are willing to giveyour not a slave and by law you are free to your own choicesas long as your freedom by the law kept…….And by means and given rightnothing to keep you from flying………as to them whom to your bloodalways to your blood no matter what…….

  2. There are no doubs any moreMy doubts are burried for a long time agoOnly fears of loosing the worldOnly weakness in the bones bringing the painWanting to choose by the heartBut fighting the mind Cursing the reality this ugly masterThat wants to be obeyedWith any priceWith no mercy….

  3. There are no road long enoughas earth the globeNo wall high enoughwith rope we climbno water to deepwith a boat we rowno sky to high as we flyThe only edge to deep isresistance of the mindThe only fallthe endTo where no mind keptbut fragmentedSo in this the time givenand this time to be takenMount the rideto where the impossible may no longer be impossibleTake the chance beyond the doubtsto where the road more fruitfulDry the thirst of darknessto the given lightThe hunger lay within this passionburn it with highest flamesTake the worldbecause it is yoursOr it be the forever regrettwhere the road not traveledBut to such only the heart ruleover the mind…….

  4. My tears is blood running down the faceand the pain the yearn so unbearable the suffer never endsyoung souls so brokento never be repair againit must be the way out from this madnessmy life so thorn from the beginningshould never enter this doorwayThe knowledge was so clear in the mindbut the crazy heart wished for something morethan this dry desertwith no life with no fragrance of loverecognizing a source of light in your loving heartWhy this unfair livingwhat is the point of itwhen the soul is broken for the last timelying on the ground of sorrowknowing that all it wantslies so far awayso unreachable as an illusion as a mirage in the sand….

  5. My heart given for you eternal……..as light in darknessThe crossroad a pathto the willThe steep the travelerjourney to the real dreamNo wall in the open doorenter the doorwayWhere forevernever stand aloneTo the forestof old come aliveThe answer is laid bareand it is yoursTo the heart two as oneeverything givenHold no doubtto the road I’ve choicenThis path of lovegiven……

  6. The heart bleeds more then everand the body shakes wishing to forgetwishing the impossiblein sleepless nights full with imagesbut the fight seams in vainwith no help no hope no clear sightMy very last words so truestand still as a rock until the end of timethis poison still runs through the veinsit will remain there foreveras a sign of eternityBut the answers lay in both heartsin both wishes and in both strengths to keep this love alive in spite everything elseMerely one heart is unable to fight alone….

  7. And the mind that kept in me to the thoughts of words in the mist of the dark wear thinto where the answer now yours to this darken symphonywhere my light do not show through in a dragons breathto where words came that an world of no existenceon the line of breakingto where all my wishes laid to the heartnow bleeding in disasterwhere the numbness taken overin to deep darkness where an escape call from it’s wildnesswhere roses are suposed to growin a garden of love eternalbut by hot iron blistfulwhen no view ever possitiveor enoughwhere the wall fall on mecrushing my believesto where this road no longer heartfulbut very demandingand in all thiswhere are the heart to the standwhen the world fall and become the ruinor an cage of what could be free and beautifulin the image of love…….

  8. Those horrid words about time are corroding my soulUnable to stand up one more time without encouragement From the beloved sideSuch words weigh me down as never beforeI see no way to come up from this depth I’ve found myself in And no way no strength to search for your comfort againAfter the hell of the passed nights…

  9. The mind is the weakness and the strengthto where the persona hold the truthto the road takenas time will run like a wild horseto where the heart knowsthe beginning or the end…..

  10. Mind is deceptive and not enaugh for the creation of the strengthNot only mind but the move in the right directionA tangible decision is the only decisive wayOf making things right….

  11. The only life is where the mind take itwhere no god or devil careunto the fall of agesto where the mind sacreda tresure to rule over the gardenwhere life may flower or die…….For nothing outside the conseptto where we take itas time pass the horizonto the soul the imageof beauty or declinewithin and on the outside of it all………

  12. Are we dying like a flower dies without the oxygen and water Are we fading away, switching outas a tiny flame of a candleon the cold breeze of this endless distancetearing us apart, destroying the soul tainted by evilness and standing so alone at the wrong side of Time?

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