Poem ~The Embrace Of The Dream~

The Embrace Of The Dream
Somewhere there on the gap of this world
in between the bridges of reality and dreams
an prayer to be kept within time
for the two hearts to have a dream forever
away from all the worry
of the flying time
In a dream this castle to where I saw
an invite of them close to my heart
an abode for us all
old fashion clothes sweet butterfly shirts
and old time dresses
together on the road of eternity
Beauty lay within this walls
sealed with companion and love
as to none the solitude to drown
sharing red wine in conversation and laughter
and blessed by the night
shared in the most lovely games
familiar faces never to fade
this our great hall
this the sweetest kiss of our time
an journey a beautiful adventure
where no numbness to touch our ground
blood of my blood forever………….
Stefan 2009*

3 thoughts on “Poem ~The Embrace Of The Dream~

  1. Andro to make a dream real as near to it as possible is the hunger in memaybe I was born from the time in the back of my mindto where at time a feeling of the wrong agelooking out from the curtains into the frightening realitywhere my own not so much the matter but them I loveas time so cruel taking it away……The face of life came and showed itself one dayand it almost drow me insanewhere existent none existent outside the creationof the mind……and in that somehow the pillow as shieldof the will of this time…..Thank you for your kind words my friend…….Eclipse my love….In all my wishes rest within this heartin the embrace of our worldthe magick of our soulsshielded from that passing nightshielded from the stormwhere in I’m yours to the gardenof all our dreamsclose to you forevernever to let gothe beauty of this creationmade for our eyesto never fadeinto solitudewhere love agelessagainst the cold of the outsidean painting frozen in timewithin the garden our havento find us our happinesstogether as one symbiosof the sweetest symphonyof the beautiful night……..

  2. it must be a magic spellit must be arrows of love angelthat hit the heart so strongmaking this wound that bleedslonging for the lovely breeze of your presenceit must be magic that occurredand now every song is youmy thoughts like a birdsour gulls outside the windowflying only your wayscreaming after youcalling upon youhoping you would hearit must be magic that happens in the heartcreating a world for us so it hurtscreating a place a castlewith walls arounda place that no one would findthere I would hold your handwhile you’d rest when daylight rulesa fantasy of our ownflashing by in front of the eyesIt must be magicthat enchanted the heartto never ever let you go outterrified of the thought of losskeeping you inside in the warmthlocked foreverto never again experiencethe hell of a night beforewhen life was hanging on a tiny threadthreatened with the horrid wind of eternal sorrow…

  3. STEFAN..Is Not Thine Own Reality Within Thine Own Grasp? Two Hearts That Beat As OneTreading The Same Ground Upon This Earth.. Time Hath No Meaning WithoutThe Truth Of Heart And Mind.. Within The Castle Of Dreams I Wish Thee AnEternity Of Realism.. Not A Dream To Ponder But A Reality To Live Out ThineOwn Thoughts And Thine Own Wanting.. Be Whom Thou Art Vampiro.. NothingIn This Life Is Easy Thou Hath But To Reach Out And Embrace This World.. ThisMortal Universe Where All Things Can Be Realised With Hope And Determination..Be Very Well My Dear Friend.. Time Is But A Portal Where Life Evolves.. Thou Art A Most Decent Man.. Thy Trail Will Become Clearer My Great Friend.. Just Hold Onto The Faith..A N D R O G O T H – T H E G O T H P R I N C E

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