Poem ~Dormant Frozen Cover Of Fragile Life~

~Dormant Frozen Cover Of Fragile Life~
And so known the graveyard of this life
where time take it all away
to the point where the mind give up
to rest in the pillows of dreams
where darkness can’t reach
the bridge of life
Somewhere anywhere
I’ll leave it all
for somewhere anywhere
to where the eyes captured dormant
frozen from any black cloud
created by the life never in the immortal embrace
Where the deadly dose the emotions
deadly to the safety of remaining sane
yet so sought in those nights of solitude
but darkness always was the cover to the heart beat
for the fall when realized the life not allowed
as you remain unchanged while time change everything……
And in the blood known the road traveled
by all in the cover of the night
this puzzle of life so fragile
and fragile remained when taken inside
to where the ice melt creating weakness
that fear constant haunting the lost by time………………………
Stefan 2009*

4 thoughts on “Poem ~Dormant Frozen Cover Of Fragile Life~

  1. In that mirror of your own dark words my love……have you never thought that when you are darkmy darkness grow even more——I wish you was free of that darknessmy love…..not poetic darkness aw cause as we both love that but that who rip your soul appartby thinking the worse on so many things……take an breath and feel the good side of this…….and the wall are not that highbut only time and how it be made is the creation that we might fear or be blessed by….non?luv you’

  2. So many times the heart opened and shut againput behind the bars of the darkest silence and just left to lingerhoping for a scrumb of happiness that never ever comes That silly heart never has enough always wants more – a promiseexpecting the impossible to happen to open up again as beforeBut the words from you are falling down as a bad gravity so unbearable heavyburden the very core of the soul making it feel left and alone…

  3. And yet the light so close to the same darkness and at times even worsesolitude known by the hounds of time to it’s deadly heartand maybe the nights grew to a love and life became the demonbut none to the victory where there are no strengthto wishes of the beauty of love and happinessbut so numb by time moving past any returnto where the fear lay of the lost as time take it all awayand yet the love of the dream all I ever wished to live fora life of love and happiness within a faerytale……..that embraced all around full darknesspulling the soul away from earthly sensepainting it all black and forbid the faerytaleby to dark reality poluting the dreameven though the heart scream of the lovebut by dark walls become so silentyet my door left open trying to capture the lightto where the fight within of the darkness and lightunto death and life and the will & worth of time itselfwhen the change hold both darkness & Lightto where fear kept unto both waysof losing…………as yet another night pass by with the day.

  4. The demons of destruction…Happy when we are down mocking our fight and satisfied when we fallLaughing hilariously through the darkness of the evil nightTheir claws forces deep into the flesh wishing to destroyTo posses the heart wanting us to become the prisoners of our own mindsPoisoned by their uglynessThey can be fought only by the light…. by love that stares in their evil red eyesUnfeared and brave chasing them away…Help me to get them them scared….don’t let them win again…..

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