Poem “To The Soul Touched By Love~

~To The Soul Touched By Love~
In images of dreams the view of the future
a beautiful calm place in the embrace of love
timeless as the bleeding heart
free from the wound of past time
reflection of a happiness
wished through endless time
Two lost souls finding peace
in each others arms
where the cold reality have no space
for destructive demonic harm
to where an world created of the tasteful
old fashion where real love still exist……………
Stefan 2009*

4 thoughts on “Poem “To The Soul Touched By Love~

  1. Nothing worse than that solitudeand like an savior light given to usto live again like a new sprung flowerand the air like it’s perfumebreathable again lifting the heartto life and love….

  2. …A light from a dream, from a prophecy of the ancient timesneaking into our lives as a beautiful beam of a promisewhere we were found again after the ages of lossnot knowing the reasons of the emptiness in the heartthat almost forgot how to beat……….

  3. Where love the strongest bondand the only comfortwhere we connected as one wholenessto where life felt only in the embraceto where every faerytale possibleand so full of beautiful light…..

  4. When daylight comes in the fracture of the dawnall I look for is the heroin of your wordsbringing calmness never fail giving the strengthlike sweet poison in the veinsthat blood is constantly aware ofonly wanting morewith no hope for weaning and no chance to ever cure….

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