Poem “The Reality”

The Reality
Time and history to creation and the way of truth and lies
conseption to fit in the perfect world
laid there in the pen strokes as a truth but deep under
all shown to the fire that the true devil behind the media
where power grow over in deseption
to where blindness on purpose as non done until realized
by the mass population seeing the truth behind the lie
And so very known that gold more worth than life
to where nothing changed until under presure
and they speak of rightiousness to the puppets
dangling in their fingers to death proclaimed
as salvation to everyone lead by their games
to all given the mirror of illusion
hidding truth to the pocket of their master
Justified crusified souls to their power and might
and age after age learned under this machine
learned to believe the lies as truth
to the circle made creation
speak up and be marked as outcast
as real love and truth away from the deseption and threat
not bring gold to their table
This false reflection of the perfect world
a lie of ages and raised to the spirit of the human race
look deep and history reveals the true hell
very much real and not the one used by lies to keep
you as the horse to their carage
and they keep reflecting with more lies
to hide everyone who ever speak the truth away under deseption…….
Stefan 2009*

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