So I’ve started to write a book……

I will show you the first chapter that are not yet edited and may contain faults…..
This story are mostly fiction but it do have parts that are real from my own life…
The book title are not yet set but for now It be called "The Eyes Of Robin" There have been an introduction page made as well to make the story more clear but this will
not be posted here…..If you read this then I would love you to tell me if this are interesting enough of a story to be published…I do realize aw cause that this still not Edited
and only the first Chapter so it might not tell much of the rest of the story + that most of that are still just in my head……..If you think this could be published I just might
leave it in to some publisher ones it be finished but that will take some time though……But if you think this not something that can be published then I think I’ll scratch this
project——So to not talk to much here it are…..
"The Eyes Of Robin"

Chapter 1 – First Years Of Life And The Story Begins

I was born on a cold december night in a little city that we can call ostra and than given away to a childrens home where I spend five years until I was moved around to finaly be adopted at an age of seven and I can’t remember much of this time that are more or less a blur to me and so I came to end up in another small town that we can call Eskil to where at an early age life felt odd to me and I always felt out of place and different from the world around me to where I could hear things that no one else heard and see things no one else saw an paralel world that moved beside this world like an wave in an ocean but instead of water pure energy moving within time and through everyone alive a separate of everyones being and with time I came to know this as our second world within this world and if you ever experienced deja vu this are the thing making it happen as when this energy move here on earth it take our second being to move faster in time and as this second being of ourself is us and our mind in the future we at times get connected with the memories in our minds and to such we can recall things that feel like familiar things that feel like they happened before and this is the explanation of deja vu and yes everyone do experience this from time to time but not everyone do aknowledge it and no one to my knowledge ever known about this until now as I’m telling you about this, but anyhow so through the years I learned to grasp this energy and make it a part of me to know of my second being and know the energy that can be taken in and used in many ways and some have used this energy in the past like what people call witches, warlocks or simply magick and it all come from this energy but they probably never known the source though because believe me the energy can also be formed to the mind and to wishes and to that many gods or whatever have been rising and becomed a very powerful being by the creation from the mind of whom that formed it and this created being can only live by the believes and will fade away when not anymore in anyones mind and if you are christian or of any believes then I’m sorry to tell you that everything that you see and feel ,the evil or the goodness are all creation in this energy and I hope you do understand that whatever your believes will keep it real so maybe you should not be to sad by this as your god or whatever shall still be with you as long as you believe but the question are do you want to believe and can you believe now when you know as I myself learned through the years are that the only goodness lay true within myself so if it are goodness you wish then goodness will spread through this energy, this why negative thoughts or evil and everything bad also exist and could even be dangerous if not the general population had goodness within so you could say that it are balanced at least for now as we are all still here minus them whom been unlucky to be at the wrong place or in the wrong time for any bad events and sometimes I wish somethings to not happen but I’m but a grass straw of so many grass straws and we can all only save the place within our own space and time and from our own knowlede but yes the energy can save life if in the right place and time to whom there to control it and no matter how much I’ve learned to control the energy I never ever could save the world even though if I would want to do so and you may ask how to understand the energy to use it, this will take time but with the knowledge of it and your own believes you can learn to do many things with it but I would give you an warning though not to abuse it and only use it by good but am not telling you what to do with it as that are not my place to do because everyone has to do their own faith because do not doubt in me when I tell you that whatever you do will leave ripless like a stone thrown in a pond and it will bring something from what you set in play back unto you, this are something that all whom ever been of faith have undertood but called in many ways like witches say 3 times 3 and christians use heaven and hell and so on in the case of good and evil done.

Stefan 2009*


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  1. Thank you my good friend Andro for all those tips and I will surely use those in this work…..I finished the second chapter last night (Well 12 noon something) and at the moment I am at a place of the story where I’m somewhat stuck but I knew this as I was starting this story that I would run into this in parts of this creation and I know this willtake time to finish…..and I’m sure some chapters will come to be rewritten too as I go along with the story….and I must saythat to write a book are defiantly not as easy as writing poetry as one have to go back unto the story to follow the themecorectly so one do as you pointed out go back to read to be able to go forward, I know of that editing thing and that you doget help with that later as I saw an TV program about another writer who did that going through it with someone else…..And I really do take your words to heart my friend as I know you know much as an writer yourself…So thank you very muchyour words made me feel calmer in a way about the work I’m doing on merci Rosemary……yes that is all one can do and then hope it become something of it.Also want to say Thank you to you Eclipse my love for the PM you sent me about the book…Thank you’Stefan*

  2. Stefan.Personally I think that you should definitely continue with your manuscript, as it is of no consequence what others may think of your work and although this script of yours is in its infancy it does have a most interesting theme attached. You should concentrate on the writing of this work and not so much on the editing part as this will be read and counter read by the publishers proof writers and such. Of course if there are any changes to the script this will be discussed with you the Author and only after your own thoughts and wishes have been thoroughly explored will any changes take effect. I always jot down my thoughts whether it be just a small piece of writing, say around 2, 500 words or a more in depth script as these will help a great deal as your writing develops. A manuscript will more than likely expand well beyond 90, 000 words Stefan so do try to keep every section of the book as interesting for the reader as you possibly can. An idea here is to write down a few chapters and then read it back to yourself, perhaps even taking a recording of this to aid your own thought processes. Try not to be biased in your thinking and try to read it back as if you were a new reader to this book. Some questions could be as follows is it thought provoking enough, do the characters stand out and are they keeping you riveted to the spot, wanting to learn more about the story? Be honest with yourself as changes can quite easily be made at this early stage of the manuscript. The best solution Stefan is to write your book and even if your first try isn’t successful you will still have achieved something rather special. Keep working hard on this, as it could just be that very unique turning point in your life. Be very well my great friend and remember to light those candles, I see many nights turning into days of continuous writing, but do enjoy this time Stefan as the fruits of your very own feelings and thoughts will soon fill those blank pages and transport you into that world of pure enlightenment. That is what I think anyway my great friend.Androgoth

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