Poem “The Night Of Time”

~The Night Of Time~

The journey through time of endless nights
the crazy ride of the flow from the mind
capturing creativity and blows
through the high and low
All in the silence of the solitude
the own laughter, tears and screams
bleeding upon empty pages
the spirit unto a shallow print
To where everything blind outside
the world within created
darkness and light passion and pain
with only one key to unlock the secret
Through the lines hidden meanings
but perfectly clear to the self
lost in time with the knowledge upon the unknown
in a way very vampiric to it’s notion
The sea of endless reflection
the mirror to life and death
like a glass of wine
become empty
The shadows in the mist of electronic light
within the book of same words repeating
like a symphony of the damned
to where one look away in hope of an challange
To where one spirit to meet the waterfall
to where the thirst not empty
an contrast to all the shades of grey
some sweet faerytale……

Stefan 2009*


4 thoughts on “Poem “The Night Of Time”

  1. I am by your side till the end of time and beyondand Nothing will ever change thatand we will have it all my lovejust follow the waterfall and let go of the pastjust take that steep and I’ll follow youand shsall hold you in my armswith all my love….

  2. To where we be free my loveto journey the worldand where life be feltwithin this embraceof our love and futurewhere everything of the pastblown away like sandand safe and warmthe heart of our creationto where no darken cloudsto poison our minds…..

  3. Yes my love as I’ll exist here todayI swear on that our time shall comewhere all our dreams fullwithin our embraceour love foreverand ever….

  4. Where love hold the answerto all the nightmarewhere I’ll rest within your embracewhere time hold no meaningto a perfect gardenvery much real…..

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