Poem “The Willow”

~The Willow~
Like a willow tree you spread in so many directions
yet hanging there so still by the wind
nuredged from the earth
Leafs falling to the ground
where in time turned to new earth
sometimes flown by the winds
a new seed to new growth
where time all new
And unto the willows image
a life to the mind given
of the choice in life
to be taken…
Stefan 2009*

2 thoughts on “Poem “The Willow”

  1. That field that been an image for a long time in my mindof hope through time to find love like yoursa blessing of it’s reality to break the fantasyand make it all true in creation of real dreamsshared with you the heart that beatwithin my chest….

  2. The garden of all our dreamsrestfull & peaceful the imagewhere no walls exist and replacedwith an open fieldwhere the energy of love can flow freeto chace all darkness away…..

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