Poem “The Touch Of Time”

~The Touch Of Time~
In the shapes of eternity the gesture
to touch the wings of an angel
piercing the shadows
an reminder to that part
of mortality
To where once the sun touched the skin
and felt through the field of green grass
under the blue sky the passion
lived in a age familiar
the awakeening from death
Your love that break the silence of the solitude
painting the black heart red
by your fragile and gentle touch
warming this cold skin
to feel alive again…
Stefan 2009*

3 thoughts on “Poem “The Touch Of Time”

  1. When the flower show it’s petalsand when your touch like the wind on my skinthe world of all dreams fullof life….

  2. Where I’ll kiss it awayto bleed for your hearttill the end of all timeto hold you in purest loveunto where all stars shine for usin the cover of the sweet dark skywhere my love kept close to youalways near and never alone…..

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