Poem “Hidden Meanings”

~Hidden Meanings~
To the artists palm from the depth of mind
understanding of the words like the key
to the story behind the curtains
the door open like a bleeding wound
truth given behind the wall
Captured by life in various forms
not to reveal to the blind
but there underneath to shine in the light
where the wish to be seen
and perhaps as an answer
on an long journey
Where questions left unanswered
like a birth of time
to set free the prison
kept within silence
to where the purest form of love
rest in need of understanding
Stefan 2009*

2 thoughts on “Poem “Hidden Meanings”

  1. To where my heart lean on the dance of foreverthe time for us givento all this loving embracethe savior to our heartsshared within this lovefar from solitude….

  2. To where the truth behind those eyes keptwithin this heart and with time wakenfrom what first seamed like a dreamfrom another lifeunto this path of broken glassto where the cuts became deepnow unto new light from the shadowsraised through the mist to a new lifeof pure love and understanding….

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