Poem “Road Of Eternity”

~Road Of Eternity~
Look there out in the distance
the road of no end
to where you walk in the sand of time
of forgotten history
in the images kept in your mind
like some precious chest of tears
Unto where many failed
and moved into the light
and dust to the winds
them whom the mind
became the solitude
beyond the eyes of life
Like a soldier to keep strong
with a sword against the mist
to let go the mortality
to journey to each moment
and capture it as life
to never look back
To the Immortal soul known
the declined emotions
where the sea raise high
against the black sky
unto where each steep outside the line
may turn you away and into dust
Yet we fail because of the need
to feel love to the fragile
heart of the mortal heart
to our own once mortal lives
as no being blind
to love & passion
Stefan 2009*

One thought on “Poem “Road Of Eternity”

  1. But one heart kept in the soul of eternityto the invite of Immortalityto join my hand on the road of eternityand place a break in timeto build an garden of peacewhere only your embraceto a beautiful viewa future of ustoward the world…..

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