Poem “Black Canvas”

~Black Canvas~
In the bowl of the world this spirit captured
by the view of time
to the dark sky the silence of forever
unto where narrow the path
in the reflection
To the distant cross like faded life
the journey an escape
to earthly salvation
away from the doubt
of this chain
Swallowing depth in the black canvas
reflecting the soul
in blindness of the scream
unto the earth
of tears
Stefan 2009*

5 thoughts on “Poem “Black Canvas”

  1. Dark Sorcerer of DeadwoodThank you for your comment…..and your reflection of the the poem I can feel as my own and I know that you understoodthis poem perfectly……Good wishes unto you’Stefan*

  2. Sometimes the most soul-wrenching and most horrid, painful screams are the silent ones. God, I certainly know this… (as I reflect…)

  3. Screams do not allways have soundsand are kept deep withinto the view of the world like a darken canvasbut comfort in the words of salvationby the heart given lovewhere the fallen rested through timewith the numb view of reflection

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