Poem “Sleep On White Flowers”

~Sleep On White Flowers~
To eternal silence where peace not touched by death
to where knowledge faded of the truth
released from the bond the curse
the fear of the lost
An journey to the escape of sorrow
the mortal binds
to the view of more than this
saved from the fear
Where no more this ground cutting time
the soul to pieces
give me the branches of time
to each white flower fallen whole
A bed of comfort free from time
to nothing lost in vain
free from the light of forgotten
eternal bed of white flowers
Stefan 2010*

3 thoughts on “Poem “Sleep On White Flowers”

  1. merci Rose & Queenie :)et oui’ I’ll agree that words can be used in many ways and the words can indeed be of good and bad depending on how they put in context but also unto how one read them + sometimes a written poem can have different meanings to different peopleI love poetry :)Have a great sunday you two’

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