Poem “Ghost”

Going through the passage of the dark castle
where within the labyrinth of rising walls
trying to find a door of light
unto what level taken in the passage of time
to new grounds of my hollow soul
Dancing with the devil the cascade of failure
pressed up against the wall
heavy chains around my neck
the weight of the world
under a blood red moon
Sacrefied Illusion of red roses
blackened fantasy
to reign on the throne of solitude
casted out from heavens light
with open bleeding wounds
Stefan 2010*

6 thoughts on “Poem “Ghost”

  1. Thanks for your greetings on my blog dear Stefan! You’re very kind! Your writings are always interesting! Happy Thursday! With friendship, Marty

  2. If there are such an garden therewhere two hearts can have a dreamof the roses shared with the hand knownand with no new walls rising from the mistto where the place of dreams have no placeto the story of time……

  3. The walls are rising by missunderstandingthat squats in our soulswhen the mind is closed and the hart so hardnot even trying to see through the doorto feel the exit from the darknessinto the field of roses awaiting outsidewhere fantasy can be turned into the lifeonly by leaving the lonely throneonly if we dare to touch it

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