Poem “To Dream Of A Dream”

~To Dream Of A Dream~
In this image captured the dream of a dream
to each desire of fiction made real
journey with the mind open
and break through all the locked doors
where the cup of life await
with the sweetest taste
Through all the shade of the shadow
my dream kept alive
to in this taste given life
through the angels touch
now drunk by the reflection
given a chance to this breath
Stefan 2010*

7 thoughts on “Poem “To Dream Of A Dream”

  1. Yes Indeed dear Rose that is very true…..we need our dreams and even more I think to make our dreams come true in life 🙂

  2. Thank you very much for all your words and all of them taken within me…….and from great minds alike….I Love You All for being part of my life and my dreams.Life is what you all are and each one of you so very precious to know & forever kept in my heart.Thank You*

  3. Vampiro..As In Lifes Reality A Dream Can Be So Strongly Themed That One’s OwnRealism Is Cast Amongst The Ocean Of Desire.. Where That Glimpse OfSweetness That Is The Shadow Can Become Clearer Than Any Reflection,Can Be Absorbed Into The Psyche Where The Workings Of The Inner MindCreate The Realities Within A Dream-Like State & Where Every Emotion IsMirrored Through The Wanting Of Eternal Love.. Each Strand Making LifesUncertain Path Become Clearer & As The Clarity Is Strengthened, So Is TheReality Within The Dream, Thus Perfecting One’s Idealism & Fulfilling ThatMost Wonderful Journey That Is Life Itself.. A Very Thought Provoking Blog Entry Here Stefan.. Well Written..ANDROGOTH – THE GOTH PRINCE

  4. Through all the years of darkness filled with thick mist and greynesssomething lived on somewhere in the heart, something kept breathing and hoping…awaiting for the spark of lifeto come and very carefully light a small emberturning it to fire with the everlasting flame…Love You

  5. Is beautiful what you wrote Stefan … Dreams … It would be fascinating to capture all their images … Good day! Marty

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