Poem “Through The Looking Glass”

~Through The Looking Glass~
Through the looking glass of time
in the random shadows
with a few reflections
within this doorway
of the world within
With all the keys unlocking
the illusion of the ghost
whom to ever be forsaken
in the broken mirror
and the sting of it’s pieces
Within the dream captured
an history unknown
to the outside numb
marked in silence
and inner pain
Stefan 2010*

3 thoughts on “Poem “Through The Looking Glass”

  1. Know what?your comments is an beautiful reflection and I so love to be the source to bring forth the reflection and fact are that I love to readhow the shape and forms show itself through your reflections,,,,Thank you my friends 🙂

  2. Very good and I enjoyed it. I look into the mirror to pear into my mind from the outside. In doing so I see two mirrored orbs of revelation upon revelations from deep within. From there, all kinds of stirrings and if I look close enough upon the dark dias I can see myself gazing back into me.

  3. Sometimes it is nice to look in the mirror. Not for the physical image, but for fear of seeing within our soul … Beautiful post Stefan! Marty

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