Poem “Between Life & Death”

~Between Life & Death~
In the middle of the line somewhere between darkness and light
locked like an ghost in time
with all the questions unto where the steep to take
where no way seam to lead my heart from breaking
always lost to the abandonment
from life
The circle of stone so heavy to it’s chains
to where the dark call for comfort
with an terrible lie
to bind the soul in solitude
where nothing come to live
with unreached peace
Stefan 2010*

2 thoughts on “Poem “Between Life & Death”

  1. In those shades yes dear Martha both darkness & Light hold it’s passion……but fear is never the peace in either side where the middle like a shield against the fall……and death neither paint a world sweet with it’s lost to the mind……and always haunting to the soul……But the shade of darkness & Light in itself hold much and can indeed be perfect…..And a Kiss from us to you dear one’

  2. Between darkness and light you discover many things my dear friend…I love the dark and light. They are perfect! A kiss to you and Lenore! Marty

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