Poem “Love And Fear”

~Love & Fear~

 Sometimes love are blind by fear or history
where our mind see darkness
even when the heart bleed
of a perfect image
Past hurt or abandonment
an wicked haunting demon
reflections of earthly beauty an mind made paradise
like saving light but so fragile
to when love get close
Self punishment created from our demon
our fear painting a perfect image black
to the core of our self comfidence
the very source of creation
where an deafness kick in
to prevent the beauty given
Love like the cross on a tomb
images to the fear of inner death
when the demon speak of lies
to the very believes
when in truth we paint this image
of life and death haunting nightmares

 Stefan 2010*

2 thoughts on “Poem “Love And Fear”

  1. Love seams to be an error on LiveSpace PM as I can’t get on that page
    Some pasts can shape us or give us wounds not that easy to heal….
    but yes love I do agree on that the past is the past and that each new
    day is the life of now….I’ve always tried to live in the moment as it
    come as yes there are no life in the past exept aw cause some good
    moments….and those can have good carma for the future….
    Love you sweetheart.

  2. Life is the future and not the past, although the past can teach us things….through experience….But only the future holds life and we have to look forward, without turning back. To live in the past is to embrace what is dead…and to feed these ugly demons. To live life means to create each day a new….
    Love You Forever…

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