Poem “Unknown Moment”



~Unknown Moment~
Sailing through the night in the silence
to capture some peace
through the misty shadows
of the comfusing pain
unanswered to the heart
Moving time through grey illusion
haunted by deep sorrow
cutting within
in no understanding of why
in the mirror lost
To life, to death
an whirlwind
some part of endless sleep
an escape from the self
all thoughts
Trying to capture some taste
and yet never satisfied
trying to grasp a breath
not of the weight of this world
something always heavy on the chest
Flickering moments passing in speeding time
fear of myself in the image showing there
that same image of ending
why this numbness
so unknown
Where can the soul rest from this darkness
haunting so deep within
answeres with no answer
to whom I am
so lost within
Seams like drowning
in the vibrating world
this self cutting sword through the heart
where at time nothing seam to exist
but the moving time
And unto the heart to where I can’t explain
why this within
always been there
even when I’ve denied it
taking my soul away
To one drop of my blood
so alone captured
to such fear to be near
to questions of why
to grey viewing
Self inflicted bowl of pain
no savior to heal
sometimes in screams
take me away
I can’t answer you why
when you ask me why
something just wrong within me
through all those years lost
my life lost…….
Stefan 2010*

2 thoughts on “Poem “Unknown Moment”

  1. I saw you lying there
    when the first beam of the coming dawn
    unfriendly pierced the darkness in your room
    I felt the pain through the sleepless night
    a feeling never possible to explain
    a shadow always close
    when the whirl of fearing reigns
    not allowing any rest to the tired eyes
    This black circle only goes on
    each night is like a curse
    I wish I could stop the flow of my thoughts
    an everlasting question of why
    that swinging between hope and dread
    I wish I could touch your hand
    telling you the fear is gone
    dead buried forever
    and nothing is left to harm you
    But I am aware of your darkness
    dwelling around you for so long
    the darkness which threatens to swallow
    the last crumb of light
    taking you away tearing me apart
    My night craved for an answer
    and it came in the very morning
    The demon of your darkness is my only pain

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