Poem “Within The Captured View”

~Within The Captured View~
Let not the darken view capture your soul
darling the fighting heart of love
shall win over the sickness
to give us all time
None like you to this place in my heart
without you but an empty space
so let whatever higher power hear
and save your soul for my love
The light in my own life
is all your being
without you
I would have no wish of this
Darling beloved
my heart
I’m you as much
as you are me
Death shalt not win
this is our time
and how could fate be so cruel
to not give us this love
For nothing if not you
and my heart is yours
as my love darling
hold no other life..
Stefan 2010*

4 thoughts on “Poem “Within The Captured View”

  1. Thank you Doug my friend and I’m very sorry for the lost of your friend…
    I was very sad when I heard what happened to her and a bit pissed off
    of the cruelty some people are able to do to others.
    Hope your hanging in there my friend.

    Eclipse My Love….
    We must keep possitive thoughts unto that the operation will go well…
    your my light, my life and I Love you so much….~kiss~

  2. A million of years
    could not ever replace
    one single word from your loving heart
    like a melody that gives strenght
    to the tired soul
    by rejecting all the threats of evil
    and scares away
    even the death itself…

    I Love You


    Thank You Doug…

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