“On The Road Of Our Time”

~On The Road Of Our Time~
So many images reflected to this journey of our life
in each moment remebered and kept
frozen and captured by our imagination
to lead us to where our wishes yearn the story
known to whom in the moment shared it’s treasure
True are that the greatest passion of life lay in the moment
where two souls connect in the balance of time
to move the end of time away
for in the moment captured immortality
where colour show in what once did lay grey
for in this knowledge we know the meaning
of true love and acceptence as together death
are but an distant dream….
Stefan 2010*


4 thoughts on ““On The Road Of Our Time”

  1. Stopping by to say Hello!
    I am liking your phrase…”where colour show in what once did lay grey” so true and well said!
    I have been watching for a new post, you must be busy with this lovely “colour” LOL…
    smiles, Rx

  2. You bare me well on your wings of love darling
    and though we fought some great walls we always conquered
    and soon my love our time will come wher elife shall hold us closer
    to this dance created within our garden
    and when winter cold we be warm in eachothers arms
    and to let it known you are the colour of time
    within I’m more than willing to stay forever to this loving embrace…

  3. A revealing could be strange at times, it could come suddenly as an unexpected igniting spark out of the blue. It could kick you when you are not ready at all. It could happen that the answer you are looking for
    shows itself in a vision of an ordinary day.
    Sometimes you may get an answer you don’t want to hear – it happened to often and the heart remained shut for many years.
    Until one dawn came, until the answer sounded so strangely different;
    painful but wished; understood, familiar, almost wellknown;
    to strong to resist, to true to be denied.
    We are standing here now, everything is changed for life.
    I used to be scared by your heavy words. Not any more.
    The lack of your darkness is my strength…

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