“In The Image Of My Poetry”

~In The Image Of My Poetry~

Once there where darkness capturing this soul
where light seamed like an distand faerytale
but given an rose the taste brought
where now this garden of light bless my soul
to where once that black pattern that symphony
screamed within now given peace
in the embrace of love

Stefan 2010*


6 thoughts on ““In The Image Of My Poetry”

  1. Thank you rose, I hope you had a nice holiday, myself have not spent much time online more than work…but thought I should post a new poem so did that today….everything are OK here though ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Enjoyed these , I have been away on holiday for some time, wondered what had happened to you

    love Rosemary

  3. The same pain
    a cold sense of emptiness
    in all the passing years
    when the heart had no answers
    scared by own strange feelings
    missing its most precious part
    now found
    stolen from a dream
    to be kept forever

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