Solace Of Peace

~Solace Of Peace~

Now here in this moments where the heart found it’s peace
all dreams answered as none as much worth than the love found
in the heart of a soulmate and nothing shine as much as this embrace
given life it’s taste and it’s hunger for this natural dance of time
where solitude but an distant nightmare
as now peace kept within this garden

Stefan 2010*


2 thoughts on “Solace Of Peace

  1. Thank you, the noise can and do awcause whirl in my mind from time to time too, is that not what makes us human 🙂
    but the solitude killed though for me and in that a peace in my heart, yet as humans we are complexed creatures from birth but we are awsome creators though when creating in the hand of art and so keep creating friend.

  2. I wish for the solace of peace… but my mind continues it’s noise and scurries about … Which I suppose is good, as I can read your poetry… This one describes and says so much, .. xPenx

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