From The Window

~From The Window~

Within this room a space
from where the world frozen to the moment
this eyes captured view and within my mind
the first time to this time new
my heart beat slowly to the rythem
of this winter time
sometimes lost to the world of dreams
yet so very near
in this there lay a kind of fear but maybe just comfusion
to everything that hold this heart here
through all this passing time and through all those years
wishes now kept close to feeling able to meet this world
and be kept in balance and health
to be strong for each steep
for the part of me precious
this love of this life.

Stefan 2010*


8 thoughts on “From The Window

  1. Flying by to wish you a wonderful weekend filled with friends and lots of laughter.

    Hope you are well and in good spirits.


  2. Fears and confusions,the part of life
    that hold us prisoned,
    frozen to the ground of reason and reality…
    If I only could, I would choose to stay lost …forever in a dream…

    With love/Eclipse

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