Trace The Past In The Modern Time

~Trace The Past In The Modern Time~

White cover of silence in the depth of time
circle of memories to moments given view
behind the modern stone of construction
to faded images of another part of history
another world yet the same ground
Behind the eye’s hidden like shapes of movement
from the past till now
that the cover white and peaceful
with the marks of this prints
remaining the same and covered by time.

Stefan 2011*


6 thoughts on “Trace The Past In The Modern Time

  1. Yes snow are peaceful, but now I’m beginning to long for the summer 🙂
    merci’ and the same wishes for you Raven and also thank you for the little gift image.

  2. Another one that gives me something to ponder…
    I love fresh fallen snow and the stillness of it. It gives me hope for the future beneath it’s crystalline nature.
    Enjoy this first week of 2011 with the promise of a blessed tomorrow. Rx 🙂

  3. …it’s funny how impossible seams to find out
    whose memories exist down there
    and what lies buried under the thick layer of the snow
    in the depth of the ground
    as much as in the depth of our hearts…

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