Dream To Reality

~Dream To Reality~

Through out that long road that held death in solitude
its captivating darkness that became a bitter-sweet cover
where believed its false security in truth to hold out
with the passion of its magic
Seen now with other eyes this new light of breathing life
to actually feel it close inside to suit this hunger
that for to long starved its love
believe in love for its truly the only life
All those years capturing the dark,Believe me I know
that it ain’t good to believe in its lure
that are telling you that it is a cover from everyone or everything
while in truth you bleed deep within
The light saves the soul in many ways and to actually touch life
and to feel alive is truly a blessing
something I would wish to everyone to keep forever
but let it bless you for the time given you
Hold on to your heart and light will come to you
hold on to love and feel the light
like the summer of a blue sky
let it embrace you.

©Stefan 2011

Where The Heart Lay

~Where The Heart Lay~

In the warmth of home and closeness of love
away from all hurt of a sometime to cold world
as home closest to real fiction of the heart
beating in the beat of time
The safe haeven precious for the soul
to face this life on the outside daily life
where met all this walking passing shadows
like some blurness of a whirlwind
In the familiar truth to our time and life
to whom we closer and in comfort
for in here nothing but love
to make this wings to spread
For it is the sign of the only paradise
to feel someone there through time
as in solitude nothing but one of all the shadows
blur to that whirlwind in passing time
Love is trully immortal and the only cup whole
to hold the warmth within
and if in truth it could stand over time in one forever lifetime
nothing could ever be more the blessing to this heart.

©Stefan 2011

Contribute to a fun story in progress

Friendly blogger Noobcake is running a special kind of writing project he’s calling StoryBounce. It’s fun and simple: he starts with a few sentences, and then anyone can come by and continue the story by leaving a comment. And on it goes – I just added my piece to the story. You should add yours:

Story Bounce: tell your story

My Part: Oh but I do not like garlic “said harry with some grin on his face “and you trully should clean up this place he continued.
“Alice yawned and just raised her hand up.

In The Image Of Memories

~In The Image Of Memories~

In this image that left somewhere in another lifetime
captured still like a beating within these veins
captured in the breaking leaf of time
the faceless one in the dust of the wind
this rain within that never faded away
The answer lay as always closed in the heart
far away from the true understanding
and like all flowers in the end grumble
the understanding in this the truth of the heart
its sorrow the wings of a angel of death
As to all who bare this sword in solitude to walk in the shadows
when time let go the life known as if a cloud of dust
fading away into a new future again typing in the words of poetry
blinded by the knowledge of the path of this timeless time
Crucified and nailed to be judged by this fragile life
to be taken away from the heart that yearn nothing but love to keep
till the end of time where this road not in anymore wounds
to the memories and the heart and unto this I’ll lay
this my soul open and to rest.

©stefan 2011