Is nuclear energy a menace, or the future?

Is Nuclear energy a menace? or the future? Should the recent events in Japan define how we think about nuclear power forever? Why or why not? Are there any major sources of power without risks or downsides?

My Answer: I’ve always been against Nuclear Power as it are a bad energy source to use, the waste of it are bad and it are Dangerous and could never be totally safe, plus that it are stupid to use it when there already are natural resources like sun power wind power and water power existing and it are bull when they say it would not cover as much energy because it have been proven by science that it will give as much energy as nuclear power, and it already are enough of Nuclear waste in caves and holes that will lay there for a very very long time and how much of that stuff do they think they can push into the earth and still call it safe?? This world need to be cleaned up from the human abuse of it if we want it to continue to be a beautiful and living planet where we can live and now I’m not only talk about Nuclear waste but all the destroying being done to Earth… can’t keep poison earth and believe Earth will keep taking it without fighting back as you already have been seeing proof of by natural disasters……well so anyhow dump Nuclear Power and everything Bad and start thinking about the future and do not dump everything on people because factories and stores need to take their responsibility too…..and stop thinking about money being more worth than life because it aint worth shit if there are no life.


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