One Day Of Forever

~One Day Of Forever~

Look behind this eyes to the fairytale of this dream
to where the answer lay to the question
to everything I do feel and see
and to the unknown
Connection to this world and all its mystery
still there beneath the waken mind
everything revealed behind that mist
casting shadows like within magic
Remembering the past clear as day
for everything made this life what it is
formed by both evil and good
made within creation
For to whom the price great
yet in all ways and not only one
to where the head shall rest
in the final end
Feel the truth for it will be
the judgement
as no cross will make it holy
only the soul show the mark
For in this image
to be or not to be
the self deep to its core
as to darkness and to light.

©Stefan 2011


6 thoughts on “One Day Of Forever

  1. I take it you have the view that the soul of man judges itself.? Loved the poem, Stefan

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