Weekly Photo Challenge: Red

Red Wine

Red as blood red as wine
bitter sweet
to the heart
bitter sweet
to the mind
eternal its taste.

©Stefan 2011


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Red

  1. Thoughtful verse…I am pondering this 🙂
    BTW a lovely goblet I must say.
    I have been away and getting around to blogging at last. It is good to be doing so.
    Enjoy what is left of your weekend.

    • The goblet was a gift actually it are two goblets that I recieved from a canadian friend back in 1999 I think, and yes she was the one who painted those dragons,The goblets became kind of a symbol in that I swore not to drink from them until I found true love and as I now have found it in Eclipse they now being used for sweet wine.
      Yes I saw that you had been away and it is good to hear from you again, The weekend weather over here was a bit grey but I do hope you had more sun over there, Have a very good evening.

      • What a romantic way in which to celebrate the use of these two fine Goblets my wickedly fine friend, indeed the love and bonding between two loves is a celebration for life, and I wish you and Eclipse all the very best as the years are etched within your sweet and loving perfection…


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