What character from a book can’t you stop thinking about?

Who is the character from a book that has made you feel so close to him/her that you simply can’t stop thinking what’s gonna happen next?

Topic Suggested by The Traveling Book Club Blog.

My Answer:
I must say that I really felt a mind melt with the Vampire Lestat in A.R’s V.C’s, It was very cool in a way for me reading the mind of Lestat,
he was an very interesting character and I always felt that one never would be bored having a friend with a mind like that -smiles- well at least in my world 🙂


2 thoughts on “What character from a book can’t you stop thinking about?

  1. Since I was a child and still, I must say it is Alice from the Lewis Carroll- Wonderland character… She never gave up no matter how big or small, frightened or alone she kept on it.
    I think Lestat was a perfect character, I enjoy the way the author portrayed his character. I too felt like I was sharing his experience.

    • What a strange mind Lewis Caroll must have had though, Interesting but strange….yes I like Alice In Wonderland too 🙂

      The great thing with books are the escape into all those beautiful worlds, Heck who would not wish to live in a fiction sometime 🙂

      Yea Lestat was well portraid by A.R. and I can remember how nice the pictures in my mind was while reading.

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