Are you too lazy, or too busy?

Are you too lazy or too busy?

Bonus: Why is it so hard to find a balance? Do you know anyone who has a better balance than you do? What do you think their secret is?

My Answer: Yes maybe most of the time I am too lazy but in my world that are tranquility and calm :), there are another side of me though that surely fit into too busy and it are when my mind are set on a thing I work on it very hard and long as I do not give up on things I’ve started very easily and yea so in a way my answer could be both I think…non? 🙂

My Bonus Answer: Yea I know it ain’t that easy finding that balance and heck yea I know others with probably better balance than me but yet when you think about it we all have different ways of feeling good so what level of balance is to be shown on each personal level I think…..there are one part of me for an instant that I need work on and that are my nerves as I do easily blow up and then my words get quite cold upon the nearest person even though I do not mean to but it are like something just grow within and there are like heat around my head boiling up…I hope that in time I can handle my nerves a bit better and just think a bit more calm and rational when something piss me off….it can be the simplest thing like for instant to take an example when I lost the pin code for my phone I just blow up… are really stupid as I instead could have taken it calmly and thought rationally but with me it go directly to my nerves plus it automatically made me think about if someone tried to reach me with an Important call or something…..Luckely I have the worlds greatest Love at my side and she always calm me down in the end and I always apologies for what come out my mouth and the sour face I show at those moments……but as said I think my nerves will get better in time as I slowly going to learn that it do not help anything to blow or act stupid and to be calm and rational always save a lot of stuff to not become broken or thrown away -lol-, wow did this post became a bit long or what?…oh well my mind are full of words at time :p

This did sum up my answer though 🙂


2 thoughts on “Are you too lazy, or too busy?

  1. I think I am unorganised which keeps me busy, when I would like to be laxy…I mean lazy!!! It happens, Mr Stefan….LOL

    I need my own worlds greatest love to help me be logical instead of emotional…too bad Eclipse is taken.LOL
    Actually, for me I need someone around who is more logical as I am very emotional. Luckly I have my son who laughs at me and guides me to the correct direction. I do have a Manfred but I don’t like to confide so much…I am very secretive too. So I should open up more than there were be a better balance that way too.

    Oh now I have gone on….
    Ya know old ladies ramble on and on…
    Raising a smile I hope,
    Raven xox

    • Wow really?, who would have thought -lol- 😉

      I would say that we are what we are and sometimes it are good that we are the way we are I think as it make us whom we are 🙂
      (hey that was an compliment)

      Yes you sure did Lady Raven -smiles-

      Have a lovely day’

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