The Ripples In The Pond

~The Ripples In The Pond~

As we dream beyond the understanding
of things we can not comprehend
this alternate universe of another world
where our sleep connect to another reality
to where we lay the word fiction
and yet is it?
As a part in this universe we stand to the limit of it
yet its line like the ripples on the pond
each of the ripples its own creation
so when you close your eyes to dream
are you still part of this universe or another one
and think if dreams are another part of us
yet in another timeline created
whom in sleep collide with memories
Yet fiction are fiction is it not?
as we remember all this images for a moment when we wake up
to where it fades pretty quick if not holding on to it
like water through the fingers unable to save it from drying.

©Stefan 2011


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