Sleeping Dragon

~Sleeping Dragon~

In silence deep down within the cover
of the mountain and of the green grass and its trees
the dragon sleep
A very powerful creature
that can in one breath cast a flame of destruction
yet lay there listening
Sometimes he turn in his sleep to take a breath
to where felt his presence
on our mother nature
She who is his cover of the ground above and below the mist
of his breath
our life
We who are the fragile nature created
of both good and evil
to where we take our stand
We rest in the embrace of mother nature
and on the back of the dragon beneath
his breath, the air of life

The Poet Stefan

8 thoughts on “Sleeping Dragon

  1. I like this Dragon offering Stefan, the words are etched deeply and yet unambiguously into the Script so that one can recognise the main ingredients and enjoy the recipe of life… Whether good or evil is cast upon mother earth there is always a shining grace, a symbol to rekindle life in its essence…


  2. I like this metaphor also…how beautiful. I haven’t seen one of your poems for a while…a reflective one here I am enjoying this.
    Have a great week, my friend,

    • Thank you dear Raven, and yes I have not done anything new in awhile
      but I’ll guess all I needed was a little bit of inspiration 🙂
      and am glad you enjoyed this one and thank you and you too have a very nice week my friend.

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