Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers

Can you believe that something so ugly like this…..

can have Flowers like this……

And with that I would like to state a point that beauty can be found where no one would believe beauty to lay as everything can shine if showing the inner flower.


11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers

  1. Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder,
    and behold, look at those wondrously nice flowers…


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  3. alien is what i was thinking too. like something from another world …
    but such beauty as the blossoms can be found if one has the patience to wait for it, or takes the time to look for it.

    thank you for stopping by my site. i looked around yours as well, and enjoyed the pictures of greece. beautiful place!

    • I must say that I was very patient through the years in the symbolic meaning of those words but yes even with flowers 🙂

      It was my pleasure friend, Greece was a lovely place.

      Have a very nice day.

  4. It wasn’t looking so good before, but WOW it became a beautiful flower.
    What is it? Looks exotic. Great photos.

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