Try to think about nothing: what happens?

Try to think about nothing, for as long as you can. What happens? Describe it in a short post.

My Answer:Did this two times, The First time I begun to hear myself bread and it grew louder, The Second time all the sounds around me grew big like the clock and the refrigerator and after a while there was like a buzz in my ears and then I got very restless and bored of it so I did stop 🙂



9 thoughts on “Try to think about nothing: what happens?

  1. I have no idea how this happened
    as I was on your Photograph blog… lol

    A Glitch Perhaps? 🙂
    Anyway ignore the comment for this
    one and I will pop it onto the correct
    posting next…


  2. You must have been on your back for this
    photograph Stefan and that is what I call
    dedication towards getting a good shot 🙂

    Excellent, now all you
    have to do is get a hand up 😉


  3. It is difficult to shut out the surrounding sounds, fragrance and such things, but I think with practice one can find at least a quiet peace of mind. I like to meditate as a way of relaxing.
    Have a good weekend my friend,

    • Well I just did not think of anything and did not smell a thing because I did not think of smelling and I did not find it difficult at all -lol- maybe I’m strange 😉

      Good Sunday Wishes from Sweden.

  4. Oh what a blissful thought….
    THAT would be just nice, I have never been able to empty all of my thoughts, and that is very annoying, many times….But you already know the whole story… 🙂

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