The Worth Of Life

~The Worth Of Life~

In the mist this voice of reason
scribbled down on paper
and I know the presence of the light
yet feared as to let go the mind
for nothing more the pleasure
than life itself
So as I’ve read through another book
of eternal life unto its judgement
somehow strange that it would have
to be taken instead of given
by denying forgiveness from the light
and is there really a choice when it come to life and death
Is it a sin the love of life
or the hunger of knowledge
to see new worlds rise from the ashes
to be a witness of time,
I think not.

The Poet Stefan

10 thoughts on “The Worth Of Life

  1. in life we always wonder about death but never want to let go of one world for another only those who are desperate let go of life and all its wonders life is full of learning have a long learning stefan xxjen

    • Yes indeed Jen I do so agree with you on this, the learning is a hunger and a never fading source to knowledge and knowledge and love are a blessed combination for sure, And thank you for those words and my wishes the same for you dear.

      My best wishes for you and Andro and to a a great weekend.

  2. To be a witness of time is not a sin, nor is the gaining of knowledge as one seeks to engage into the inner quantum that houses the great wisdom, a world of immense superiority, and yet taking on just the minimum acquaintance invigorates the inner self producing a wanting of more knowledge.

    One must endeavour to live a life of sophistication and to embrace all that there is to learn in the world, and furthermore to love with a strong and passionate heart for all eternity, which in my humble opinion is always the right way forwards my great friend.

    Have a very good day today Stefan…


    • If one would not feel the hunger in itself there would be nothing and I do agree with you my great friend to each your point of view and humble opinion.

      Thank you and you have a great day too now my friend.

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