Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

Well this is my window to the world and this but one window of many windows ;p


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

  1. Yes and how neat your desk is my great friend, mine on the other hand is littered with paperwork and my endless scribbles… Whenever I think of a line of poetry, whatever time of day or night that may be I simply add the words to a scrap of paper and leave it on my desk for a later time…

    And the lines that I have thought of are then added but not always used for any particular piece of poetry, of course on other times I might just write the whole poem in one go, I am a tad eccentric that way Stefan

    Have a wonderful rest of weekend
    with your most beautiful Eclipse 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • You have not seen the other computer desk though -lol-
      Myself do not use paper for my poetry and yes it are stupid because digital are not always that safe.
      But lucky though that my wife have saved a few poems unto paper I’ll guess, But in a way when I make my poetry it are usually for that moment in time but yea maybe a few are timeless :p
      Hey nothing wrong with being a bit eccentric my good friend and I think it are kind of beautiful to be it as I’ve never liked the typical that much 🙂

      Wishes of a good beginning to you and your love for this week.

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