The Thorn

~The Thorn~

It is the thorn in the side
that empty point
where it comes
to take it all away
no matter what always
bitter and cold
For death hold no comfort
like all images in black and white
the thought of it like a sad act
but this act do burn you deep within
and suffocating its breath
No serenade for its hunger
ripping souls apart
dark the cloud on its cloth
where nothing bleed
wearing the shape by a name
and it is death
You’re the reflection the constant mirror
and to not fear its cold hand
for most stupid
yet maybe a kind of peace
laying within it like in a rose garden
Yet fool you not by its message
for hidden there behind that knife
the fight to never surrender
the taste the will of life
more precious than gold
but indifferent
There are Sapphire eyes
and its name love
and in regards to the heart
a beautiful symphony
and to such may be worth more
than life yet it is life
As light brought by the touch of another
to fill that dark dormant space
but in moment of happiness given darkness
where the end yet again reflect a wound
with no comprehension
In all words of the past
from all the throats
once alive
images and reflections
a sand corn of time.

The Poet Stefan


6 thoughts on “The Thorn

  1. A taste of life and the death,
    all intertwined as each breath
    is inhaled, so one closes the
    gap towards the final breath,
    perhaps where life transforms
    into the afterlife? A very nicely
    offered and written piece of
    poetry Stefan and thank you
    for sharing this one my great

    Have a very
    nice rest of evening 🙂


    • Thank you Pen, I agree that without pain we would not know goodness and yet death is ugly and should not be (but maybe if it did not exist there would become an overpopulation problem on earth)
      unless there in the end would be no more children after there was enough people on earth that would live forever…..but truth are that I’ve heard that some people would not wish forever -mm- strange but true or perhaps they just say that because they know the truth of death…well I do not know 🙂

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