Would removing all guns from earth make us more or less safe?

Would removing all guns from earth make us more or less safe?

My Answer: By removing all weapons mankind would have learned a great goal but you need some weapons though like them that could be fired toward objects that could hit earth from space……
But War have to end though, let the damn leaders who can not agree fight each other in a ring instead of so many people that dies for their sick crusades.
Weapons should only be used against a catastrophic event as mentioned above or to stop floods or things like that and never for killing.
One more thing it would definitely make earth richer and heck give the money to the starving or they in need instead of metal killers weapons…..The Evil in this world have to end and it will never end if human kind never take the steep toward the right way -Life-


14 thoughts on “Would removing all guns from earth make us more or less safe?

  1. I don’t think guns make us safe, nor do any weapons in my mind they bring false security even fear. We have tools, technology and human ingenuity to give us security and we also have each other. We can protect each other by standing up for one another, not throwing the first stone as in War. I found Ghandi inspiring in this way.
    This is a great question for debate and inspiring thoughts. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Yes but we do need protection against asteroids or comets or things that could destroy us in a catastrophic event but it should only be for science as protection.
      War is something that should never be as it are nothing but a stupid idea behind it by one person or a small crowd and War are nothing more than a power trip of evil.

      There been many really pure souls and thinkers through time and that have lead us a little bit closer to a better world but still not enough to stop the corruption, power control and War….but hopefully that day will come soon where a new fresh breath will be our true Earth and lives.

  2. I’m strongly an anti-gun, anti-war, anti- harming people person … so if you ask me, they shouldn’t have been invented in the first place and what a sick joke is the way the world spins around!!! Fighting for peace with guns? It’s the biggest paradox ever!

  3. It is a nice thought, no wars nor weapons
    that yield such carnage, no explosive terror,
    a world that nurtures a peaceful solution,
    other than obliteration…

    As earlier mentioned…

    It is a nice thought Stefan…
    Have a very good weekend ๐Ÿ™‚


    • It is is it not yet I know that in reality they with power and riches would never let go and I think it are by us the people who follow that need to stop follow those wrongful things as without the people they would have no power to do this ugly things to the world but yet I know that each individual are most of the time thinking that what can I do and it do not matter if I don’t do anything but to not do as what the power say is not always easy with threat of prison and so on and yet they can not throw all people in prison and as said if everyone refused the orders from those power tripping idiots there would be no more war as war are run by them who follow their order.

      ow this became a bit long now -smiles- well I do just not like war……

      Thank you my good friend and a very good weekend to you.

  4. Stefan, I’ve often thought that the people who start Wars, the leaders/ politicians should have to fight it out themselves… and if they did, they would think twice and find another solution… The money that’s currently used for armaments would then be able to be assigned to feeding the World, and making sure that all poverty is wiped out, once and for all… I like the sound of your New World my friend. xPenx

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