Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

My first thought when thinking of waiting was to take a photo of a graveyard as in a way that could be an image of waiting in two ways but as I had no picture taken of a graveyard right now the digital clock have to do as waiting always include time 🙂

So this is my input….


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

  1. Waiting in a graveyard was your first thought? Hmmmm that makes me wonder what you would be waiting for!

    Waiting for the alarm to go off or hopefully having time to fall back to sleep comes to mind with the alarm clock.

    I must add that the sound of the alarm going off is my least favorite sound… LOL

    Great idea for a photo challenge, my friend.

    Raven xox

    • Well smiles- we all go that trip I’ll guess in the end and second could be resurrection 😉

      The alarm clock could mean everything as everything on earth include time 🙂

      -lol- yea who loves to wake up by that damn sound non?

      Thank you dear Raven.

  2. This is the perfect picture to me for several reasons. 1) I use an alarm clock in the morning, but I don’t need it. My internal clock always gets me up before the alarm sounds. 2) My clock is always set for an “odd time”. For some reason I can’t bring myself to set the alarm time for a “whole number” like 7:30 am or 8:00 am. 3) I almost fell off my chair at seeing your picture because my clock is currently set for 7:53 am. 3) I actually open my eyes around 7:32 am, but rather than get out of the bed I lay there staring at the clock; waiting for the alarm. So when I say your entry is perfect; I really mean it. Thanks.

    • Hello Brooklyn Tree I was up a long time before that time myself actually at 5:54 :), so yea we are getting up at odd times as well ;), We do not get up right away either as you….it is nice staying in bed and not hurry to much with getting up…
      Thank you 🙂

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